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Are you ready for the next revolution in shooting games?

Maybe you’ve looked at, or are already involved in laser tag, paintball or even nerf!  You know kids love to run around and shoot, but laser tag equipment is so expensive! Paintballs are so messy! Nerf is so boring – they can do it at home. If you want to be in on the revolution of the next shooting industry, you need to check out GellyBall Guns!

Mobile Laser Tag Equiment

Mobile GellyBall Business

The mobile GellyBall business is one of the most popular to start. This is a business model where you take your  equipment to an offsite location. The operator facilitates a series of small skirmish battles over a set period.

The benefit of this model is you only need a very small investment in GellyBall guns and ammo, and maybe a few inflatable bunkers. GellyBall Ammo doesn’t even leave behind much trace – even the small amount of water that comes off of them evaporates quicky. Since GellyBall Ammo doesn’t leave a mess – you can set up in anyone’s back yard!

Facility or Fixed Business GellyBall Business

This is a business model where the equipment is kept on location in a fixed indoor facility or outdoor battlefield. Missions may range from 10 to 150 players. The average revenue per player per day can range from $25 to$50 for one or two hour sessions.

With many big-box retailers and malls closing, large retail spaces are easier to obtain for Facility Businesses with attractive rental pricing. Optionally, just a piece of land with some playing fields works for seasonal outdoor play.

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Laser Tag Business Advice

Finally a solution for all ages

Laser tag equipment is costly and complex. Paintball equipment is expensive and the games are messy. GellyBalls are a perfect alternative.

Easy-to-use guns are available in different sizes. They can be used by kids as young as age five, but are also fun for bachelor parties!

We want to share our passion

In addition to being a  distributor of GellyBall Equipment, we also operate GellyBall fields! We have experience in both indoor and outdoor experiences and can give you advice when setting up your company. We deal with paintball as well, so we know how to add GellyBall to an existing business to maximize your profit and bring new customers to all your activities.