Equipment Financing Options


GellyBall has partnered with the following financing services. Click on the links below to apply for financing through one of these services.



Can be applied for directly through our website upon checkout if qualified for “Buy Now, Pay Later” Select Package from

Ascentium Capital

Stephen Marcucci, CLFP Finance Manager
Sales W: 281.883.0116 F: 281.883.0166 M: 480.544.0855
Online Credit Application Link:
Recommended: For $5,000 and up, 1+ year in business, and 650+ FICO Score


Bob Hartshorn, Eastern Sales Manager
Recommended: For $3,995 and up, and 650+ FICO Score
Application Link:

Soft Credit App – No hard inquiry Results in minutes Recommended for: $500 to $15,000
Please Review Rates Before Signing.

KLC Financial

Lesley Farmer
Recommended: For Business Entity Formed 1+ Year

Matrix Business Capital

Rodney Rambo Direct – (562) 472-0505
Apply now-
Recommended: With $5,000 minimum and up, 650+ FICO Score Review Terms and Literature if applying for Lease

Money Resource Group

Evan Money – CEO
Shawn Walker – General Manager 760-238-2999
Inquire for Application.

Trio Capital

Chris Barraro
Senior Account Development Manager
D: (856) 282-5878 M: (856) 438-0675
Recommended: For $1,000 minimum, 600+ FICO Score, Business Entity Formed
Inquire for application.