About GellyBall

GellyBall – the company


  • First GellyBall facility opened in Oct. 2018
  • We prioritize the success of GellyBall operators
  • Organized the GellyBall Dealer network
  • 1st to offer blaster warranty to commercial users
  • 50+ years of combined recreation and family entertainment experience
  • Distribution centers in the U.S., Canada, and Europe 

GellyBall is based in Tyler, Texas and launched the GellyBall Dealer network in early 2020 after several years of research and development in gel products.

With the goal of providing quality, commercial-grade gel equipment, GellyBall prioritized reliability and support for their products.

Because of the power of local businesses to reach communities everywhere, Gellyball developed the GellyBall Dealer model which has resulted in over 1, 000 businesses using our equipment in 42 countries so far.



Gellyball – the opportunity

Become a Gellyball Dealer. Offer Gellyball to your customers of all ages at your existing location(s), integrate it into your seasonal attractions or operate a mobile service for private parties as well as fairs and festivals. Gellyball is a great way to grow your customer base by attracting new players to the idea of a sport with no mess, less impact and more fun.  Experience the benefits of having a product that broadens your market and makes you more money. Area availability is limited by population and type of operator. Contact us today to secure your dealership.