Training for your Business


When you are buy your equipment from us, it comes with more than a receipt! It comes with years of knowledge and experience in this space. It’s why we have narrowed the selection of equipment down to what we know the kids (of all ages) will enjoy, and what will hold up to wear and tear and keep making you money.


You should be very excited about your new business and the journey you are
about to embark on, but don’t make the mistake of thinking that owning a
product plus having a general knowledge of social media platforms means
that you are ready to start a business.

We have teamed up with the booking and waiver leader, Vantora. They will offer any of our customers an extra free month of booking and waiver software, or a discount on a turn-key web page that conveniently wraps bookings and waivers seamlessly into your new web site.

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