All Your GellyBall Questions Answered

Below is a list of frequently asked questions about GellyBall and GellyBall Dealerships. If you do not find the answer to your question here or around the site, please contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

Questions about GellyBall

What is GellyBall?

GellyBall is the revolutionary, lower-impact, shooting game for all ages! Our commercial-grade, battery-powered blasters launch hydrated gel orbs at targets or other players in a variety of game scenarios.

GellyBall ammo is 90% water, biodegradable and non-toxic containing no paint or stain. With zero cleanup required outdoors and very little indoors, it is the perfect experience for nearly any event, location and age.

To prepare GellyBall ammo – soak our gel beads in water for about 3 hours.

What is a GellyBall Blaster?

GellyBall Blasters come in various styles with more models coming soon!

Each blaster is powered by (and comes with) a rechargeable LiPo battery which lasts between 3000-5000 rounds of ammo during play.

Standard ammo hoppers hold 700 hydrated GellyBalls while our low-profile hoppers hold about 300.

GellyBall Blasters launch ammo up to 100ft at around 150feet-per-second.

Is GellyBall Safe?

GellyBall ammo is 90% water. We hydrate polymer beads which are non-toxic to animals, plants and humans. Similar material is used in hydro-mulch and other landscaping products along with a number of everyday consumer items.

GellyBall players and spectators wear eye / full-face protection. The game is far lower impact than something like paintball. GellyBalls shatter on impact and are only 8mm in size.

Does GellyBall Hurt?

Pain factor varies from person to person. Some say yes, there’s a little sting. While others don’t bat an eye!

Within a 20ft range, it’s like being snapped with a rubber band on bare skin. After 70ft, it’s comparable to heavy rain drops falling.

Still worried? Play from the back of the field or add layers of clothing!

Where can you setup GellyBall?

Almost anywhere!

Inside, outside, daytime and night!

From backyards, blacklight arenas, resorts and theme parks!

We do recommend at least a 20ft x 40ft play area for a group of 8 active players to keep things safe!

Where can I buy GellyBall Blasters and Accessories?

GellyBall implemented the GellyBall Dealer Network to reach the general public. You may order a demo kit from our online store or contact your local GellyBall Dealer to purchase equipment from them.
If you need help finding your local GellyBall Dealer, please contact us.

How old do GellyBall players need to be?

GellyBall is a blast for ages 5-95!

Young and older players alike love the fast-paced, low impact experience. 

Questions about becoming a GellyBall Dealer

What is a GellyBall Dealer?

A GellyBall Dealer is an individual or business who offers GellyBall services and products to the general public through private parties, walk-in play, events, festivals and retail sales.

Mobile operators and fixed locations around the world offer GellyBall as a stand-alone attraction or as just one of their play options.

With the support and resources of GellyBall, dealers operate their businesses how they choose without exorbitant ongoing fees.

What is required to become a GellyBall Dealer?

You become a GellyBall Dealer with your first purchase from GellyBall. This is usually a dealership starter kit and may include additional accessories and equipment depending on the size of your initial GellyBall business.

No previous experience is required for GellyBall Dealers. We provide you with resources and support to help you be successful with GellyBall.

GellyBall can be added to your existing mobile business (such as bounce house operators, nerf and laser tag operators, foam and water party services. GellyBall can also be a new stand-alone service either mobile or in a fixed location, indoor or outdoor. Fixed locations and family entertainment centers are adding Gellyball to their attractions around the world as well.

What is included in a GellyBall Dealership?

In addition to the starter kit of equipment you choose and any accessories, your new GellyBall Dealership includes access to:

    • Onboarding & Training Resources
    • Business Startup Resources
    • Website, Booking, Waiver Options
    • Marketing & Media Resources
    • Support from GellyBall HQ & Other Dealers
    • Protection from Over-Saturation (by population & dealership type)
    • Access to the Online Dealer Store
    • Wholesale Pricing on Retail Ready Products
    • Warranty & Ammo Program with its Own Benefits.

*Contact us for full details, requirements, expectations and limitations of an authorized GellyBall Dealership.

Can GellyBall Dealers Sell GellyBall Equipment?

Yes! As a GellyBall Dealer, we encourage you to explore retail opportunities with GellyBall equipiment and accessories. Sell GellyBall blasters, ammo and accessories in your fixed location or to your mobile customers. Keep them coming back for more GellyBall ammo and fun!

Why become a GellyBall Dealer?

GellyBall Dealership opportunities are currently available nationwide. Because we work to avoid over-saturation by population and dealership type, areas are selling out quickly.

GellyBall is an exciting game and therefore an exciting service to offer for new and existing mobile operators as well as new and existing fixed locations.

The low cost to start combined with exceptional support, optional upgrades, arenas, games, and turnkey solutions makes becoming a GellyBall dealer an easy decision.

Does GellyBall offer financing?

Yes! Through our years we have developed partnerships with 8 companies ready to help our network grow their businesses! Find more details at: